Tony Storr & Nick Brown are delighted to bring to the market, STORRCROSS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, the new kid on the block. SCI will be offering high quality services in the Warehousing sector, capitalising on their associated business of UK ISO Tank Container Haulage.
As part of the planned development of the site, companies local to the port complex of Hull and Hedon road, will have access to office space, training & seminar rooms, with catering services available.


”We believe that by providing a warehousing service in close proximity to the port complex of Hull and the wider Humber port network, we can take advantage of the existing and future developments taking place in and around the Humber and by adding these facilities to the already established business of John Dobson Ltd, we believe that we can truly offer our customers a door to door service, whether that be national or international.”

Joint statement from Tony Storr & Nick Brown.